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Corporate Website Translation and Localisation Services in Simplified Chinese and Russian.


The offer for corporate website translation and localisation has been carefully designed with hotels and hospitality establishments in mind as a result of our extensive two-decade specific experience in Asian hospitality, tourism and entertainment industries.

This offer includes our flat rate of USD 0.12 per source word for each of the Simplified Chinese and Russian versions of your website. The charges are all–inclusive, there are no other costs involved.

The services include translation, editing and proofreading of the contents by a specialist linguist, adjusting of text formatting and hyphenation to your particular website and assisting your web designer to incorporate the content into the new language version.

The offer does not include web design and graphics formatting, coding and programming, all of which could typically be done by your web designers.

As an extension of package to make your website more attractive for audiences in Hong Kong and Macau we can also make a version in Traditional Chinese script using vocabulary and style popular among your visitors from Southern regions of China.

Apart from the website, as a separate project, we would be happy to offer translation of your in-house and promo materials and publications, such as menus, booklets, room directories, flyers, signage and so on.

We will be delighted to answer all the questions you might have!

For more information please contact us

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